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Cleveland County SealThe F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center, better known as the Cleveland County Jail, is located at 2550 West Franklin Rd. in Norman, Oklahoma. Not to be confused with the old county jail, this new facility opened in 2012 and is modern in design. Located near I-35 and the intersection of Franklin Rd. and Flood, it’s about halfway between the downtown centers of Norman and Moore and 10 minutes from Abraham's Bail Bonds of Norman at 606 North Porter Ave.

Prisoners can be released from the Cleveland County Jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and its lobby is open to the public from 8 to 8 M-F. Usually, release from the Cleveland County Jail can be secured by us in less than four hours once the applicant paperwork is completed and approved, and the bail bond is presented at the jail. 

When someone calls to tell you they are in jail in "Norman" and need a bail bond, they are usually at the Cleveland County Jail. What some may not realize is the northern border of Cleveland County begins at SW 89th Street, on the Southside of Oklahoma City. The first step in securing their release is determining which jurisdiction they are being held for, as the municipalities of both Moore and Norman also use the Cleveland County Jail to hold their detainees, and those arrested by Oklahoma City police will be taken to the jail in Oklahoma County, even if the alleged crime is in Cleveland County. When you call us we can make that determination and where best to complete the necessary paperwork.

If your attorney has instructed you to contact a bail bondsman to do a "walk-through" at the Cleveland County Jail, or you know you have an outstanding warrant, we can help make this as smooth a process as possible. A “walk through” means you are turning yourself in at the jail to be arrested, but with a bail bond already completed and in hand. At the Cleveland County Jail you normally will spend no more time “behind bars” than it takes to complete your booking, and will not leave the booking area or have to change clothes. Call us and we can explain the steps in more detail and arrange a time  that best matches your schedule.

Juveniles held at the Cleveland County Regional Juvenile Detention Center can often be released with a bail bond. Due to the special procedures required for these bonds please call for more information.

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